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Aromatherapy | 60 minutes $22  90 minutes $30

Gentle massage using essential oils extracted from various plants for therapeutic benefits.

Mini Session | 30 minutes $12

An intense and focused massage for the upper back and shoulders.

Reflexology Hands and Feet | 30 minutes $16

Pressure points on the feet and hands, corresponding to specific body organs, are massaged to help the body repair itself.

Shiatsu | 60 minutes $26

Based on the principles of oriental medicine, the therapist will use thumbs, fingers and palms to gently balance and restore your Chi.

Four Hands Massage | 60 minutes $58

In a sensational experience, two therapists work on you using synchronized and detailed moves, varying paces and pressures.

Therapeutic/Sports | 60 minutes $26

In addition to relaxing the body, this deep tissue massage helps to treat injuries and increases athletic performance and also helps to increase flexibility and loosen muscles.

Choco Therapy | 60 minutes $32

Our exclusive therapy for the senses and body.

Start with a relaxing cacao massage, followed by our Choco Museo organic chocolate exfoliation and finish with Choco Museo chocolate wrap.

Fusion Massage | 60 minutes $28

Exclusive body massage that unites exquisitely acupressure, stretching, de-contracting and relaxing techniques

Mother to Be | 60 minutes $38

Recommended only for women in their second or third trimester, de-contracting and relaxing techniques.